Gdata is a program to understand the performance of a particular brand by combining a mystery shopper index with consumer path intelligence data.

This data is available for all brands. In certain shopping malls we can identify your brand performance against other brands in the same mall. 


Operational Level

We have worked with different shopping malls and airports. Right now we have signed up Shanghai Xintiandi, and are piloting with airports. We are rapidly expanding in the Asia Pacific region with shopping malls signing up in Bankgok, Australia and Japan.


Strategic Level

To provide the most up to date information, and compare that with the market situation. Allow us to understand instantly whether we are gaining or losing market share and the performance of different touch points and their respective impact on sales performance.

path_logo1.pngPath Intelligence was conceived in the halls of MIT and launched in the UK in 2004. Our aim was simple: to create the equivalent of Web Analytics for physical retail – “Google Analytics for the real world”. The objective was to provide the same deep insight into consumer behavior for shopping center operators that retailers now expect in online environments.

We identified the opportunity to passively and anonymously monitor all the signals from mobile devices by using a proprietary methodology, and to use these signals to work out patterns of shopper behavior – where shoppers went, how long they were there for, what brands they shopped together – and much more.Our vision remains as strong today as ever.

Today, Path Intelligence is an award-winning, fast growing, venture capital backed company that is building on its best-in-class location analytics to create a new category of insight for shopping center operators. We call this Decision Science – the application of scientific principles and objectivity to shopping center decision-making.We measure billions of shopper movements in hundreds of locations every year, and in doing so help create better experiences for our customers’ customers everywhere.We can do this because we are unique in combining cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals to understand shopper behavior, then adding store sales and other data to show you not just where your shoppers go but how long they spend there, what they spend there… and where they go next. Right across your shopping center and center portfolio.

G-data is the proprietary tool of GMD which incorporated path intellgence method.


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